When are you going back to work?

When are you going back to work? Are you back part time or full time? What will you do with the baby? Will you send him to nursery or do you have other childcare available? Have you discussed your flexible working application with your boss yet? 


Hands up if you have recently had a baby and been bombarded with all of these questions! Hands down!

Hands up l if you don’t want to be bombarded with these questions! Hands down! 

Hands up if you don’t want to talk about it yet! Hands down! 

Hands up if even just the thought of work, discussing work, discussing options of work fill you with so much dread you can’t bear to talk about it until you absolutely have to? Hands down! 


It’s seems that people want to start firing these questions at you just as you step foot (waddle) out of the hospital door into the big wide world with your brand-new baby wrapped up in the car seat. 


When you’re questioned on this, you want to shake the person and tell them to leave you alone. Your baby is new, you’re adapting to a new life, you’re enjoying your new baby! Who wants to think about work? Leaving your baby for a whole day with someone else, using your brain, getting out the house ready for work with a baby before sunrise, not getting a full night sleep and still functioning at work all day…these prospects are not ones that even need entertaining until have no choice but to reluctantly think about. They make us feel physically sick! 

We will discuss it when we want to. 


And as for you, the person that asks these questions and judges the answer…no thanks. 

If I don’t go back to work it doesn’t mean my husband is loaded. 

If I go back full time it doesn’t mean we are poor or that I don’t want to be with my baby.

If I go back part time that doesn’t mean anything either. 


Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it!