Squidgy Bits

Squidgy Bits

I confess I love Facebook. I try to limit myself to 2 quick scrolls daily but invariably my eye is caught by a cute baby or a motivational quote or something a friend has ‘liked’.

This morning I flicked through to see a friend had liked a photo of a gorgeous young woman in a bikini. The caption was something along the lines of “Carly not afraid to show off her post baby bulge”. Well…to my untrained eye this girl was perfectly proportioned. I assumed the photo was her before the birth. Not a podgy bit in sight. How are us mere mortals supposed to feel? The photo was apparently celebrating her everso slightly, squidgy body shape and demonstrating how courageous and a pioneering she is. Great if your starting point is a size zero and you’ve now advanced to a size 10. For those us of us who started at a 14 and are now an 18, it’s soul destroying.

I wonder how many Mums looked at that image and felt totally inadequate and berated themselves for not getting back into their non- elasticated jeans?

I asked my friend why she had ‘liked’ the photo. She said that as the model had previously been tiny, the transition to a regular size body was extreme and she felt she was brave and inspiring. I get that, I totally do, but surely in our society, there must be a change. A shift.

This current generation is very enlightened and women are very close to being accepted as equals. So why do we care what shape our bodies are? Unless we are unhealthy, why on earth should it matter? Let’s agree here that us women are our own worst enemies. We are horribly judgmental! I’m ashamed to admit I yearn to be a size 10 and without fail, every night I decide that tomorrow I will only eat healthily and consume no alcohol. Every night.  

Until we accept that our bodies are beautiful, despite childbirth knocking 7 bells out of it and until we refuse to conform, then most of us will spend our lives being miserable. I remember my Gran at the age of 86 cutting a Mars bar into 6 slices and eating one slice and rubbing her tummy saying it wouldn’t help her waistline. Imagine still worrying about your body shape in your eighties! I wonder if I will ever reach an age or state of mind where I accept that I will never look like Beyonce and embrace my flabby bits or will I be in the ‘Old Folks Home’ refusing a bowl of trifle?

Most of the women in my family have big hips and fat tummies. Some more than others but it seems to be a family trait. No amount of healthy eating, starvation or exercise will change that, I’ve tried. But when I see these gorgeous gals parading on facebook I still want to look like that!

Well I have no answers I’m afraid but I do know I’m going back to watching cute babies. Fat ones, skinny ones and especially the ones with those squishy rolls of fat on their thighs! Let’s hope these baby girls and boys grow up with a sense of perspective and don’t hanker after unattainable perfection. Hmmm…I won’t hold my breath.