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What is babysign?

The world we live in nowadays is so fast paced that we all have to make big decisions very quickly and each and every one of those decisions you make has either a very good outcome or a consequence on the other side of it. The same thing applies to making the choices for your children and their future.

We believe that every parent should have every opportunity available to help their child be the very best that they can be and while the benefits of what we do are pretty clear most parents do not know much about it to make that informed decision that could potentially change their babies life for the better.

We want to spread that opportunity as far as we can & in the process bring happiness to as many families as we can.

Who is babysign?

babysign team sue

Sue English


My Story

Many years ago I was working as a communicator with deaf children. At that stage in my life I was hoping to add to my own family and was trying to think how I could include that baby in my work. I loved my job and actually I still work with deaf youngsters today but at that point I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my own baby.

I knew that children of deaf parents signed from a ridiculously young age and suddenly it all clicked.

I decided to run my own classes and babysign was born. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much fun the process would be for me and how much joy it would bring to families.
babysign is totally inclusive.

If all communities, cultures, infact if every parent in the land used babysign can you imagine the impact?

If you were out walking and someone told you that taking the path to your left could lead you to a million pounds would you veer from your road and take the other path? You now know that you can unlock your baby’s potential, increase their IQ and learn to sign yourself…and have fun. Doesn’t every parent deserve to avoid the frustration of not knowing what their baby wants? Don’t you deserve to have a fulfilled and even happier life with your baby?

Everything that we are today was set in place when we were babies. If we give our children the best opportunities at the start of their lives then not just the babies and their parents but also their communities will benefit too.

It’s incredible that just learning a few signs can give your baby that head start we all dream of and hope for.

My heartfelt wish is that every baby, everywhere, will be given this easy to achieve chance.


Samantha Anderson

Managing Director

My Story

When I was a Primary school teacher, I loved making a difference to the lives of the children that I taught. I enjoyed working with the different personalities that every child is gifted with. I embraced the rewards from doing what I did.

After years in the job, it was apparent that some children start school with communication skills that are not as good as they could be. Some struggle to communicate feelings or discuss learning or even communicate with others about the small things.

I realised that children need the opportunity to develop their communication skills from the offset so that they get a head start.

When I had my son in 2014 we went to Sue’s babysign classes and before long, I was being rewarded daily as my son began signing more and more. I was making a difference and his personality and confidence was growing and growing. All the best bits of the job I had as a teacher!

It was then that I had my ‘babysign lightbulb moment’.

I wanted to give other babies the head start I had given to my baby. An opportunity to communicate his every need to us so that we understood each other more. There was nothing more rewarding than watching him learn and use sign language daily.

Communicating through sign language gives your baby  a chance to develop their vocabulary, have a discussion, convey feelings and understand others. And this is all before they can even talk and string sentences together.

This level of communication can only boost the early weeks, months and years of a baby’s life. It leads to better social skills and allows them to apply their improved vocabulary to other things that they learn.

These opportunities are paramount for the beginning of a child’s life. It gives them a stepping stone to reaching their full potential.

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