Helping you to understand your baby

Our babysign© classes teach you to use vocabulary from British Sign Language(BSL) with your baby so that you can communicate with each other before he or she can talk. In your classes, you will learn weekly core signs and songs which you can enjoy with your baby at home. Classes typically are limited to 10-12 to create a relaxed and personal setting, which is perfect for you and your baby.

With the use of music and props, classes are multi-sensory to ensure all areas of your baby’s development are catered for. It is a class where both you and your baby are learning to use sign language on a daily basis to enhance your bond and make parenting that little bit easier.

Learning to sign with your baby can increase their IQ by 12 points!


  • A relaxed and fun baby class
  • A place to meet other mums where you instantly have something in common – you all want to learn a new skill with your baby
  • Newsletters sent after classes help families to learn together at home and remind parents of what was learnt in the class
  • Between 5-7 core signs are taught each week, which are used in songs for that class plus many other fun signs that you will use every day
  • A wide range of songs for parents to learn with their babies (nursery rhymes, additional songs)
  • A wide range of props used throughout the class (cuddly toys, musical instruments, bubbles, colourful scarves, dressing up, flashcards)
  • This makes the class multi-sensory meaning that visual and auditory development is supported and are all the things that fascinate babies and toddlers
  • Although our classes are multi-sensory, they are not over stimulating for babies and babysign is the key focus

Looking For Classes Near You?

babysign© is constantly expanding & we are always looking for Teachers in new areas. Contact us to see if your area is covered.

Benefits Of Our babysign© Class

  • You can communicate with your baby- you will be able to understand why they are crying or why they are continuously making a noise and you don’t know what it is that they want
  • You will meet lots of other mums that you will instantly have something in common with
  • During the class you will be bonding with your baby and taking away a skill  that you can continue to use together at home
  • Parents are learning a new language too (BSL is a recognised language)
  • Children aren’t just learning to sign, they are learning a new language (BSL) which enables the language centre of the brain to remain open
  • Babies will learn to tell parents when they want ‘milk’, ‘more’, ‘food’, and much much more
  • By teaching your baby to sign you are providing them with a life skill which will have ongoing benefits in their future lives

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