Lesson Five

Lesson Five

This lessons signs are; Friend, Share, Out, Home, Who and Good. You can see video examples of each sign by clicking on the links on the right.

In this lesson we’d like to talk to you about speech development. Some people express concern that if their baby signs there could be some delay in speech. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Babies are compelled to speak in the same way as they are compelled to crawl and to walk.

What you may find is that your signing baby actually speaks earlier than you would have expected. Also, a signing baby is likely to have around 50 more spoken words at age 2 than non-signing children. When you add to that the number of babysigns your little one will know, you are dealing with a very articulate child.

On personal note, even before my daughter was able to speak in sentences, she had a massive vocabulary; far more than her elder sisters’ at her age. I don’t think there was a single thing that she couldn’t name. It continually surprised and thrilled us!

The song for this session is “The wheels on the bus”. The sign for bus is derived from many years ago when buses had a length of string that ran the length of the bus; when you wanted the bus to stop you pulled the string.

You can add your own verses to this, for example, the babies on the bus went whah whah whah – making a crying face or the Grannies on the bus go knit knit knit , crossing your fingers like knitting needles.

You should have learned quite a few signs now, but don’t feel daunted. If you feel it’s too fast then just stick to however many you feel comfortable with. You can go over the signs again and again until you’re confident.

Some parents only ever use 5 or 6 signs and there’s nothing wrong with that at all; it’s still communicating with baby. It’s up to you whether you sign 2 or 200 words. The main thing is to have fun with your baby!

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