Lesson Three

Lesson Three

This lesson’s signs are; Beautiful, Again, Gentle, Where, Like and Quick. You can see video examples of each sign by clicking on the links on the right.

We have told you how wonderful it is for you and your baby to communicate and we have also explained how it is almost inevitable that you will enrich the bond between you. What we haven’t mentioned is that you will also be putting into place the potential for increasing your little one’s IQ.

Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn have written a very informative and fascinating book called “Babysigns”. Acredolo and Goodwyn took 140 families with 11 month old babies. They split the families so that 1/3rd signed with their babies and 2/3rds did not.

Astonishingly they found that at age 8 the children who had signed, scored on average 12 points higher in IQ than their non-signing peers. So, by using babysign you are offering your baby a brighter future.Well done you! We do know, from the families we have taught over the years, that they are convinced that their children have exceeded their expectations, particularly with languages and English.

It may be that because we understand our baby’s needs and desires that we stimulate their minds a little more than if we were unaware of our baby’s capabilities.

Now you should be feeling very motivated and ready for this session’s signs!

Introducing the “Where” sign is so much fun. There are endless games. In our classes we sing “Where oh where oh where is teddy?” We hide teddy behind our backs then teddy appears with a”boo!” It is the favourite song in our classes. There are so many uses of the “Where” sign. “Where’s your book/ the moon/ Mummy”, the possibilities are endless.

Have fun with your signs this week!

While we’re on the teddy theme, this week’s rhyme is “Teddy bear Teddy bear”. The rhyme says “Teddy bear turn off the light”. Light is a great sign to learn with baby as it is so visual. Light on, light off. They can literally see it getting dark and getting light. It helps them to distinguish between night and day and bedtime and time to wake up.

Have fun with your signs this week!

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