Lesson Two

Lesson Two

This lessons signs are; Hot, Cold, Drink, Bath, Mummy and Daddy. You can see video examples of each sign by clicking on the videos below.

Hopefully by now you will be feeling increasingly confident and familiar with the signs from lesson one. Don’t forget the golden rules of consistency and being repetitive!

Now we’d like to tell you how using babysign can enrich your relationship and ease frustration for both you and baby.

A story I often relate to parents in classes is the “Winnie the Pooh” tale. My youngest daughter was around 18 months old at the time and we were waiting in the car to collect my eldest daughter from a shopping trip. We were sat outside a charity shop and in the window was a fluffy pooh toy. My daughter started shouting excitedly “Pooh Pooh”, and pointing at the toy. “I know; you like Winnie the Pooh, don’t you?” I said.

She continued shouting in an increasingly cross fashion until I became a bit cross too. She kept shouting “Pooh!”, and I kept repeating “I know!” Suddenly she stopped, thought for a moment. and then did the sign for “bath”. Immediately I realised she was trying to tell me that she has a plastic Winnie the Pooh that she plays with in the bath.

It was a momentous feeling to understand her. Not only did it stop us both from being frustrated but it also enabled her to share with me what was in her mind. It was truly a wonderful moment.

Don’t be misled; babysign© is not a cure-all for the terrible two’s but it definitely helps. Because you will have been communicating together for some time those awful scenes where you have no idea of the cause of a tantrum should not exist.

“Who is that looking in the mirror?” Babies love their own reflection; you can point to the parts of the face and encourage them to touch their nose and ears..

This week’s song is “Five little ducks went swimming one day”. It is great as it includes the “Mummy” sign. The sign for duck is very visual and encourages babies to make lovely quack sounds! Let’s not forget the importance of numbers too. Whenever you say numbers in whatever situation always try to use your fingers. This will help with number recognition enormously.

The dictionary will show you the numbers up to twenty.

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