Welcome To babysign

By participating in our babysign™ course you have made a decision that will enable you to communicate with your baby….

The course is broken down into 6 separate sections. Of course you can access the whole course at once or pace yourself…it’s up to you. However you view the course you will find it very easy to follow. The course also has many other exciting features to keep you busy and lots of helpful and informative advice. If you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to contact us. We LOVE to hear from you!

Lesson One

  1. Be consistent… Always use the same sign: don’t change it in any way as this may cause confusion for baby. Don’t adopt baby’s signs either. When your baby begins to sign he may sign something that looks a little different or even completely different to your sign. Don’t attempt to change this and don’t alter your own sign. In baby’s head he is making the same sign as you. If you change your sign it will only confuse him.
  2. Speak and sign and show… It is very important that you say the word and sign at the same time. If you can show the item too, (for example the bottle of milk) then it will  give baby even more opportunity to remember and learn what you’re saying. If she can see you sign, hear the word and maybe even see the subject you are talking about then you are enabling your baby to learn even faster. The most vital thing is ensure you ALWAYS say the word when you sign.
  3. Be repetitive… Boringly repetitive! In the same way that a baby enjoys the same peek a boo game endlessly, he won’t be bored by you signing every single time you say the word.
  4. Use only one or two signs per sentence… When you are both signing confidently you can add more signs but to begin with stick to just one sign per sentence.

Right then, ready to sign?

In each lesson there will be a nursery rhyme or song from one of our classes for you to learn. This week it is Old Macdonald (see above).

The sign for “Old MacDonald” that we use in babysign is the sign for man or male. This sign is meant to depict a man’s beard.If you look at the baby videos you will see Beatrice signing it beautifully!

“Farm”is depicted by extending your thumb over an imaginary fat tummy. Many years ago Farmers were thought to be rich and plump and that is believed to be the derivation of this sign.

You will also learn the signs for Dog, Cat, Cow and Horse. If you want to add other animals in this song have a look in the dictionary and include them in the rhyme.

You don’t have to use all these signs, just pick the ones that are relevant to you and your baby.

Finally, just a suggestion that you learn these signs and become confident in using them before moving on to lesson two.

Good luck and happy babysigning!!

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